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Terms and conditions

  • Select The Membership Plan of your choice.
  • We provide Games All over India in all cities in all location Mumbai, Chennai, kolkata, Pune, Ahmedabhad, Hyderabhad, Jaipur, Surat, Kochi, Chandigarh, Indoor, Agra, Lucknow, Delhi, Raipur, Gurgoan etc.
  • The games are all checked before it is couriered.
  • One game at a time or Two games at a time based on the plan. Once the game is returned the next game can be taken and there is no limit on the games that you take.
  • The member enjoys special discounts on the games and gadgets that we sell.
  • A member gets a chance to win free goodies.
  • The rental amount paid is NON- REFUNDABLE only the advance is REFUNDABLE.
  • NO DUE DATES OR LATE FEES: You may keep the DVDs/ VCDs delivered to you as long as you want without any time limit restrictions.
  • DAMAGED DISCS :All discs sent to you have been checked to be in a working condition prior to dispatch. Upon receipt of the discs, you must ensure that the same is playable on your respective player. Any anomaly, if found, must be reported to us by email. Failure to check and/or report the same will be constituted as your having received a playable disc.

    Upon receipt of the disc, we will verify for any scratches or damage to the disc. In the event of a disc being damaged, we will email you and intimate you about the same. The determination of a disc being "damaged" will be at the sole discretion of rentgames. Accordingly, we will charge you MRP of title or you could relace it even with a used disc. All such damage charges will be chargeable against your refundable security deposit and no further games can be taken until the charges are paid in full.

  • All Games are delivered on the release date
  • Over 4000 games to choose from.

    Delivery is not free we charge Rs50 everytime we need to send a game and there is no pick up facility.

  • You Get Access to All the Latest titles in Gold Plans, high chances of getting sealed games every single time you order the Game.
  • The DLC on the Games might be unused.
  • You have the Option to customise your Plan as per your need.
  • ACCEPTANCE OF TERMS OF USEThese "Terms Of Use" mentioned by rentgames.in , the buyer acknowledges "I Have Read and Accepted The Terms Of Use" as part of the agreement of Member rental procedure.
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