Rentgames.in operates in all cities in India. However the physical store is located in Bangalore at Fraser Town.
In Gamer plan you can take 2 games but no latest titles can be accessed. In Gold plan you get one game at a time and all games including latest release can be accessed.
In Starter and Gamer plan no latest games can be accessed. Games releasing 6 months and prior can be accessed.
Pick up service is currently not activated. However we are in words with FEDEX and pick up service will activate in 1 month.
Free Goodies is available on Gold plan yearly payment. Free Goodies are Gamer Tshirts. Console skins, keychains, Gaming accessories etc.
Yes. only for monthly plans for cities other than Bangalore we take a refundable security deposit for monthly plans start plan 2000 and Gamer and gold 2500. The total amount will be refunded when the plan is stopped and the final game is returned.